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  • Richard Petrowski and John Graver have been terminated from employment.  Michael Spencer has been named Operations Manager and Michael Hartman has been named General Manager.  More changes may still be on the way as it relates to the plant’s “leadership team”.
  • 3rd Party sorts have been eliminated from the plant.  (Nissan still requires 3rd Party)
  • The Richard T. Gosser Scholarship Program is now accepting applications from the daughters and sons of UAW Region 2B Affiliated Local members who will graduate from high school in 2018. The ACT test is required. If the student has not previously taken the ACT, they should sign up to take the ACT test and have your test scores sent to the Region 2-B office.Finalists are based on ACT scores and will be notified in writing. As a finalist, applications are assessed by a team of prominent community leaders and educators, who then select the winners based on ACT scores, class rank, extra-curricular activities, letters of recommendation, personality traits and leadership abilities. Documentation regarding class rank, extra-curricular activities, letters of recommendation, personality traits and leadership abilities are required from all finalist, but not required with the initial application.  The application must be postmarked by October 15, 2017. This deadline is firm, and no exceptions will be made.  Please click the link for more information:
  • We continue to receive statements from members against other members.  It’s very difficult to win a grievance when the company pulls out statements from our own members.  We need to remember that the company is not our friend!
  • An unfair labor practice has been filed against the company with their decision to utilize temps and for their mistreatment and misapplication of the collective bargaining agreement as it relates to company labeled probationary employees.
  • Go Tribe!


October 2017

From the President:

Brothers and Sisters,

It has been brought to my attention that our number of members continues to grow each week and we’ve reached the population of a small city. With any size city, there are certain things that must occur in order for the city to run properly. One major thing, in my opinion, is there must be a mutual respect for one another and to mind our own business. It has been said when I was on the floor, before being elected into the Building Chairman/President position, I didn’t talk to anybody and always had a mean look on my face. To be completely honest, I just wanted to come to work, mind my own business, collect my paycheck, and go home. I believe a lot of the little arguments and issues we come across on a daily basis in our little “Ventra City” could be avoided if we focused on our jobs instead of each other!

I’m sure many of you have noticed the many visitors we’ve had in the plant. I’m happy to inform the membership the Ford visit went better than expected after our shaky start with the F-150 line. The Tesla visit and their launch has also gone very well and things should start calming down in the next few weeks. I know we’re all tired of being at work instead of spending time with our families. Hopefully with launches going better and the additional members hired in, we will start to see the demand for overtime decreasing.

The Committee and I have been working very hard to try and get the company to follow the contract, but when we’re in disagreement, it’s very hard for us to get them to agree with us on anything! Another thing I would like to address is the amount of complaints that have been getting sent to Region before the committee or I ever hear them. The Committee and myself are doing our very best to represent you, and there is protocol to filing a complaint. You must reach out to your committeeman, then myself, before reaching out to our regional representative, Chris Sims, in order to get your issue resolved. If you skip going to the committeeman, then myself before reaching out to the regional representative, it will delay your response, as it gets pushed back down to the local.

In closing, I would like to inform the membership that the company stating the probationary employees have no contractual rights is currently at the highest stage of the grievance procedure, awaiting arbitration, and there have been NLRB charges filed against the company. All we can do now is wait for it to go to the arbitrator, and the answer we receive will be final and binding on the company and union.
Please remember, solidarity is power!

Please remember, solidarity is power!


In Solidarity,

Matt Frank

UAW Local 1216 President/Building Chair