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July 9, 2018
Brothers and Sisters,
First off, I would like to welcome back all who have been on shutdown. Hopefully the time off has energized us and we are ready to get back into the swing of things. For those still out on inverse, I hope you are enjoying your time out as well. Meanwhile back here, there has been quite a bit of work done; a lot of movement inside the plant along with some new turnstiles on the north lot (which should be operational this week), new paint on both lots, and some general housekeeping around the plant. The big areas that you will notice cleared out (A-2, A-13, & T-5) will be where the two new launches will be going. You should start to see new equipment coming in September. Both lines are going to be highly automated much like A-8 is currently. So along with new launches comes new challenges. We have to launch good…it is imperative to getting our Q1 flag back!
I know we talk a lot about QR’s and getting that flag back, but I hope we all know how important that is to our future here in this plant. Also important in the future of this plant is the so called “right to work” legislation that they are shoving down our throats. Don’t let the name fool you! Not to get too political or to try and influence any of you, but if you enjoy the wage that we make (which can always be higher), or the protection that the Union gives you from the company’s shady ways of doing things, or the safe/clean work environment (which can always be better, too); these are things that “right to work” will take away and it is all our responsibility to try and protect what we have! So I would encourage all to get involved and help us to vote this legislation down. Our future depends on it!
As far as the QR’s, we did meet our goal for June. Let’s not pat ourselves on the back though, because most of the plant was down, and it’s hard to send out bad parts when we don’t send out that many, but it is improvement. Now with July our goal is a lot lower. Based on a two week shutdown, which we still have a lot of assembly lines down, but the ones that are running we are counting on all of you to keep our good trend going. I definitely have seen improvement and I know our customer has as well! In closing, I would like to remind you all that the committee is here for any questions/comments. They work for you and I feel like we are all lucky to have some of the best to represent us.
In Solidarity,
Matt Frank
UAW Local 1216 President/Chairman
DSC_0699 (2)
  • The 37th Constitutional Convention has kicked off!  Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan has welcomed the delegates to the city of Detroit.  President Dennis Williams has presented Heather McGhee, President of Demos, with the Owen Bieber Social Activist Award.  The Resolutions Committee has taken the stage and debates on proposed resolutions have begun.  Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony, President of the Detroit NAACP, spoke to the delegates.  President Dennis Williams wrapped up Day 1 by giving a State of the Union Address.
  • The Convention continues on Day 2, as Teamsters President James P. Hoffa gives an energizing speech to the delegates.  Vice President Cindy Estrada has taken the podium as debates on proposed resolutions continues.  The Rules Committee and Credentials Committee gave updates on roll call voting.  Derrick Johnson, President and CEO of the NAACP has taken the stage to give an amazing speech about togetherness and solidarity.  Debate on Constitutional Resolutions has begun.
  • The first Constitutional Resolution to be debated is Article 16: Dues and Initiation Fees.  The proposed resolution calls for union dues to remain at 2.5 hours until the Strike and Defense Fund reaches $850 million.  When the fund reaches $850 million, dues will revert back to the previous 2 hours.  If the fund dips below a minimum of $650 million, dues will become 2.5 hours.  After much discussion and debate, the delegates moved in support of the proposed resolution.  A motion has passed to accept the proposed resolution.
  • Day 3 of the Convention is underway.  Resolutions continue to be read and debated.  AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka is now speaking to the delegation.  UAW President Dennis Williams is giving an emotional farewell address.  President Williams will be missed by Local 1216 members.  Enjoy your retirement, Dennis!  Dennis Williams gave a farewell bio for outgoing Region 9A Director Julie Kushner.  Region 1D Director Gerald Kariem read a farewell bio for outgoing Region 1 Director Chuck Hall.  The Resolution, Credentials, and Rules Committees all gave their final reports.
  • Nominations and Elections are underway.  The first nominations will be for the office of President.  Nominations are open.
  • Jason Starr nominates Gary Jones.  Brother Jones accepts nomination.
  • Scott Houldieson nominates Gary Walkowicz.  Brother Walkowicz accepts nomination.
  • Abraham Elam nominates Brian Keller.  Brother Keller accepts nomination.
  • Nominations for President are closed.
  • Nominations for Secretary-Treasurer are now open:
  • Gary Roseboro nominates Ray Curry.  Brother Curry accepts nomination.
  • Abraham Elam nominates Dennis Voytko.  Brother Voytko accepts nomination.
  • Nominations for Secretary-Treasurer are closed.
  • Nominations for Vice-President are now open:
  • Bernie Ricke nominates Rory Gamble.  Brother Gamble accepts nomination.
  • David Greenhalgh nominates Terry Dittes.  Brother Dittes accepts nomination.
  • John Zimmick nominates Cindy Estrada.  Sister Estrada accepts nomination.
  • Scott Houldieson nominates Sharon Bell.  Sister Bell accepts nomination.
  • Nominations for Vice-President are now closed.
  • Nominations for Trustee are now open:
  • Elena R. nominates Roger Wunderlin.  Brother Wunderlin accepts nomination.
  • Greg Thompson nominates Heather Keag.  Sister Keag accepts nomination.
  • Nominations for Trustee are now closed.
  • Election for President of the International UAW is underway.  Each local delegation is casting their votes.

The following officers have been elected to the International UAW:

  • Gary Jones – President

  • Ray Curry – Secretary Treasurer

  • Cindy Estrada, Terry Dittes, and Rory Gamble – Vice-Presidents

  • Roger Wunderlin and Heather Keag – Trustees


Rich Rankin has been re-elected as Regional Director of Region 2-B!

Congratulations, Brother Rankin, and congratulations to the brothers and sisters elected to the other International positions!

  • The final day of the Constitutional Convention has arrived.  Election results have been announced with the total votes cast for each candidate.  The installation ceremony was held and newly elected President Gary Jones gave a speech to the delegation.  The remaining resolutions have been read and debated.  Michigan gubernatorial candidate, Gretchen Whitmer speaks at the Convention.  The finishing touches have been put on a successful Constitutional Convention.  A motion to adjourn has been made and carried.