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  • Due to having more than 100 QR’s in a months time, we have lost our Q1 Flag.  We have moved the Tesla work to our UAW sister plant in Evart, MI to get our focus back on our main customer, Ford.  In the next couple of years we have new work coming in, including the Ford Ranger, Explorer, Escape, and F-250/350.  In the meantime, we all need to continue to put quality first for our customers to get our flag back.
  • New turnstiles and hand scanners have been ordered by the company and are expected to be installed for the south parking lot by the end of winter.  This should ease a lot of congestion in the north parking lot.
  • We continue to receive statements from members against other members.  It’s very difficult to win a grievance when the company pulls out statements from our own members.  We need to remember that the company is not our friend!


December 4, 2017


Brothers & Sisters,

The holiday season is upon us and I know we are all looking forward to some time off to spend with our families. The Union Leadership along with the company are trying to turn this ship around and allow us that time that we have coming. I can report that our expedites are way down along with our QR’s for the month of November; which shows our customer that we are improving, and will ultimately help get our Q1 flag back. We have a long way to go but it’s a good start and I have faith in our MEMBERSHIP that we can do it!
I will also tell you that with the small fire we had, along with some other safety concerns, the new management that we have in the building is definitely aware of some of the problems in this facility and I am not going to let these problems get swept under the rug. We all deserve to have a safe work environment and if there is a concern know that someone IS going to look into it.
In closing, I just want to wish all of you and your families a happy and safe holiday, and as always, if you have any question/concerns please feel free to see any member of the Committee because we work for you!

In Solidarity,

Matt Frank
President/Building Chair
UAW Local 1216