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  • The 37th Constitutional Convention of the UAW will be held June 11-14, 2018 in Detroit, MI.  The official call letter has been released.  More information can be found in the Constitution and Local 1216 Bylaws.  There will be 3 delegates elected to represent Local 1216 at the Convention along with 3 alternates.
  • NOMINATIONS for Delegates to the 37th Constitutional Convention of the UAW will be accepted at the membership meeting on Sunday, APRIL 8, 2018.
  • ELECTION for Delegates will take place Tuesday, MAY 1, 2018 at the Union Hall at 3211 Bardshar Rd. Sandusky, OH, from 5:00am until 6:00pm.
  • Resolutions for the 37th Constitutional Convention will be accepted at the Union Hall or at the Union Office at the plant until April 8, 2018 @ 2 p.m.
  • 2018 is a critical year for the labor movement.  We need to make sure we elect the people that support US!  Register to vote and please support labor friendly candidates.  Your job depends on it!
  • We continue to receive statements from members against other members.  It’s very difficult to win a grievance when the company pulls out statements from our own members.  We need to remember that the company is not our friend!



March 9, 2018


Brothers & Sisters,
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but at the rate we are going I don’t know how long we can stay afloat. The amount of QR’s we are getting for just plain stupid stuff is ridiculous! We are on a very strict QR reduction plan from Ford and we are not doing well. Last month we were only allowed 20 and we ended up with 22. This month the number goes down to 18 and as I write this on the 9th we already have 11! If we don’t control our quality we will never get our Q1 flag back, which means no new business from Ford. With most of our business from them, no flag means no business, and sooner than later people will have to be let go. Neither the Union nor the company want that but if we don’t have the work there won’t be many other options.
The cell phone use on the floor has gotten out of control as well. I don’t know how many meetings we have had with the company and that is what we talk about. There is nothing we can do for you if your supervisor writes you up for being on your phone. One, it’s a plant rule; two, as bad as our quality is, we don’t have a leg to stand on to fight for someone who is distracted on their phone.
As for the visit with the owner and his staff, he was pleased with the shape of things here. He thinks we are going in the right direction except that our scrap is too high and our quality is too low. Our service score has improved and our on time delivery score has gone up as well. So I don’t want you to think it’s all doom and gloom, but our quality is a very serious problem right now. It is nothing that we can’t fix but it is going to take us all to work together.
I would also like to encourage all members to get involved. On the front porch at the Union office I will post sign-up sheets for different conferences. With around 2300 members I would like to see someone different going to each one. The one thing I’ve seen since I took this job is the same people want to take advantage of some of the conferences and educate themselves. I want ALL of the membership to educate themselves, because knowledge is power, and the way the government is against unions we need all the power we can get!
In closing, I just want to remind you that we are all in this together. We have to stop this fighting with each other because the only way we are going to get thru this is TOGETHER!

In Solidarity,
Matt Frank
President/Building Chair
UAW Local 1216