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May 21st, 2019

Anyone interested in coming to the UAW Local 1216 picnic scheduled for Sunday, July 7th should come out to the hall between 6:15 am and 4 pm Wednesday, May 22nd or Thursday, May 23rd to pick up their tickets. The hall is located at 3211 Bardshar Rd.
It is important to pick up your adult & children tickets so we can get an accurate count for meals.
Tickets are free for Active members and retirees, their significant other and dependants claimed on their taxes.

Additional tickets can be purchased for $5/child and $8/adult.

Please share this with your co workers! There will be no admittance without a ticket!
Sisters & Brothers,                                                                                                                 May 10, 2019
      As we start the summer season I want you all to know that we have already been addressing the heat within the building. Your supervisors are in charge of making sure that maintenance knows which fans need repaired/replaced, and as far as the rooftop units, they are all operational. In order for them to work properly we need to keep all outside doors shut and let them get the heat out. Stay hydrated and keep calm! There is nothing more anyone can do as injection molding is a hot process. We go through it every year and we’ll make it through this year too.
     As far as quality is concerned, we had one of the best months (last month) that we have ever had! We only had 4 QR’s! A7 has done the 30 days to get off of safe launch (just waiting on Ford approval), and our SIM score is holding steady at 79. With that being said, already for May we are at 8 QR’s, but our Service & Delivery scores are up to an all-time high! Hopefully by June we could possibly be at a SIM score of 84, which would allow us to petition for our Q1 flag. The new launch in A3 for the 625 program is starting to gain some steam, with the OEE reaching its highest point to date at 55%, and now we are going to have to add two more shifts instead of only one as originally thought. This should get everyone off of lay-off and maybe even have to hire a few. So believe it or not, I feel that we are starting to see a little light at the end of the tunnel, and THANK YOU to all of you for the hard work! I’ve said it before that we have a great membership and even with some terrible management we can still put out the best lights in the business.
       Work has started on the roof, four more presses have been brought in, and quite a few more improvements to the building have happened. Hopefully that puts some minds at ease that we are here for a while. With the return of the Q1 flag we should be able to secure some more business for this facility to make sure that we all have a job in the future. As I say in all my letters, we are lucky to have a great team of elected officials and they work for you – so any and all questions please feel free to ask any one of us. We as a plant are going in the right direction and it’s up to ALL of us to keep it going, and I have faith that we can. Thank You!
In Solidarity,
Matt Frank
Local 1216 President/Chairman