News and Events

  • Cedar Point Discount Admission Vouchers are available and can be picked up in front of the union office in the plant or at the Union Hall during normal business hours.  Vouchers are good for up to 6 people each and may be used on the following weekends:  August 5-6, September 2-3, and September 29-October 1, 2017.
  • The Women’s Committee is taking pre-orders for t-shirts to benefit breast cancer awareness. They will also be raffling off tickets to win a lottery board.  Look for them in front of the union offices to pre-order a shirt and buy some raffle tickets.


July 2017

From the President:


Brothers and Sisters,

We made it through our first full month and I’d like to think that we all can see some change in the way things are going around here.

Just some of what we’ve done in a little more than a month:

  • Reinstatement of mold-setter classification which added 12 new jobs at Pay Grade 5
  • Point reduction program
  • Won numerous grievances, including more than $2.8 million in back pay
  • Replaced Goodwill with college help
  • Reduced 3rd party off multiple lines with a couple more close to being gone

I would like to touch on the 3rd party situation.  The entire committee has been working on this almost daily (with a lot of push back from the company).  The bottom line is if we all make sure the best quality part goes off the end line the 3rd party will have nothing to do, and then they will be gone!

One thing I’ve seen more than I ever imagined is statements against other members. When we try to fight a grievance and the company pulls out statements written by our own members against each other it makes it very hard to win!  The thing we all have to remember is a win for any member is a win for all of us.  Solidarity is more than a word, it is an action!

As always, any questions or comments, please feel free to stop any member of the committee or myself.  We have a good crew in place and it is what you elected us for!


In Solidarity,

Matt Frank

UAW Local 1216 President/Building Chair