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Sisters & Brothers,                                                                                                                        July 12, 2019

As we start to get into the summer months we all know it will be hot.  Nothing any of us can do about it, just stay hydrated and take advantage of your breaks to cool down.  I know with the heat tempers start to flare and all I can suggest is that there is nothing or no one worth your job, so if things get heated take a minute to step away and try to calm down.  After all we are all here to collect a paycheck and to make the best damn headlights and tail lights we can.

Now as far as the state of the plant, I wish I had more information for you but it seems like the company doesn’t want us to know too much.  I don’t have a QR total for last month, or this month for that matter.  I won’t say where we are with our Q1 flag because when I say anything about it the company changes it.  Any and all info on the state of the business must be top secret because they sure aren’t sharing it with me!  So as much as I would love to share what’s going on with you, I have nothing to share.

I hope all that had time out of the plant got to enjoy some of this weather with your families. For the ones that worked, I hope you didn’t have to work too hard!  All that attended the picnic, it was a good time and a great show of solidarity and family, which is what we had it for.  Thank you to all the volunteers that made it a success and I look forward to trying to do it again next year.

As I say in all my letters, the elected staff along with myself work for you, so instead of trying to get answers or voicing your concerns on social media, just stop one of us.  You should see faster results. You have a great group of Committeemen and as a Union Member I am glad to have them in my corner.  We all know the upcoming negotiations are going to be a fight but I feel we have the winning team and will get the best possible contract for our membership that we can.  So all I can ask is have faith in your elected officials and we will do our best not to let you down!

In Solidarity,
Matt Frank
Local 1216 President/Chairman